Realidades Paralelas (Parallel Realities)




The Jewish mystical space known as Kabbalah hides little findings. 

One of them states that what happens in the Universe is reedited within myself in the same way.

The processes that take place in that which transcends myself are identical to the ones happening in myself.

It could not be otherwise: Man was created after God (considered the infinite light by Kabbalah).

The infinite light created the world in which we live. In the same way, and following the first idea described, I create my own world each and every day.  I am responsible for creating my own wellbeing (or the lack of it) every morning: Either by action or omission.

God created and creates every day.  I create and recreate myself every day.

Something wonderful happens for those who can and want to go a step further.

And they do so following a pious man named Isaac Luria Askenazi, who lived around the year 1500 DC, real factotum of the Kabbalah School of Safed.  He raises an audacious re-interpretation of the Creation of the World: God folding, contracting into himself and then unfolding in sacred light beams of such an intensity that Man, finite and fallible, cannot receive.

Each one of us and all that was created are conceived as little vessels that explode when they get such an incredible intensity of light.

A fallible God?  Who knows? It is of no relevance. It may be a wink towards Man.

Pure knowledge: the mistake and “failure” are part of what we are.  And in face of that, we have the responsibility of trying once again, reviewing the dream that started the project.

Most part of the strong beam of light returned to its initial state. But little sparkles remained in our Nefashot, in our Souls.

Each act of generosity, of love towards the one who is suffering, makes the sparkle a little stronger.

This is Man’s task.  A Man engaged in all his humanity.

The most sacred of all challenges.



Fabiana Kramarz

Philosopher, kabbalist

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